MyTube Ranker

Type: Brave Browser
Need Proxies: Yes
License: Lifetime
Type of Views: Suggested, Recommended, Channel page, Browse, Unlisted, Random

current price: USDT 239.00.-

License: 10 years (lifetime)
Version: v4.1.5 - 13th June 2021
Release: September 2014
Views Type: YouTube recommended, Channel page, Browse , Suggested, Unlisted, Random
Proxy Support: Yes (autoscrape from your own url with custom timer in sec.)
Cookies: No
Multi-threaded: Yes (up to 250 still remember it is browser)
Useragents: Yes (Mobile, Desktop - random devices 70,000+)
Referrers: Yes (direct, external, social or custom search engine by keywords)
Browser Fingerprints: Spamcheck passed all green! (antoinevastel. com/bots)
Multi-URL's: Yes
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (servers 2016 or win10 server 'recommended')
No. of devices: 1 PC /License (contact us for more installs for better price)
Format 480p
Format 1080p
Multi-Threads Small Browser
BETA v4.0.0 Unlisted views, Channel views
BETA v4.0.1: Suggested Views (custom links)
BETA v4.0.2: Headless mode
BETA v4.0.3: Minor bugs fixed
BETA v4.0.4: MultiThreads Fixed
BETA v4.0.5: Minor bugs, 2Captcha part1
BETA v4.0.7: Minor bugs, Headless mode fixed
BETA v4.0.8: 2Captcha implemented
STABLE v4.1.1: Smaller browser, CPU fix, Minor bugs
STABLE v4.1.3: Custom resoltution, Minor bugs
STABLE v4.1.5: Random option to use all modules
BETA v4.5.0 Custom development only on demand
To prevent software hacking or abusing use ,we have removed free trial and only can offer paid 30 days version, which can be used as a trial for you to test wether you like the software or not, then you can decide to buy full copy, this amount will be of course deduced from the full price.
Download Link: Get Trial